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2013 grand cherokee gas mileage

Never use pure antifreeze. I know you have awd and dedicated 4wd, but still if there is too much torque it would just slip would it not? If you want more power slap a tune on the jeep and call it a day. For more information about this vehicle, please visit: We look forward to meeting you!

2013 grand cherokee gas mileage

I don't understand why they get so many views. Author — Jesse S I loke this idea on paper. Is this not true? In auto mode you may choose Snow, Off-road, sand, mud, or rock. We also offer a great mix of other automotive content including podcasts, motor show reports, travelogues and other special features. We look forward to seeing you! Take note that the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is not made to go off-roading, but it's a blast on the track! If a non-OAT engine coolant antifreeze is introduced into the cooling system in an emergency, it should be replaced with the specified engine coolant antifreeze as soon as possible. Auto Perguntas Portuguese https: One with the diesel and one in the SRT. All of these have more brand cachet, but given that the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will cost you many thousands less, it remains a compelling proposition among high-performance SUVs. I love the diesel clatter and smell. I do agree with some of the comment's that the HP 's could be higher. Click on "Thumbs Up"!! Sure u might not here it on the hway or normal drving but with all that torque at rpm thats just amazing Author — Great Ok, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk might be faster, but this one is also impressive! Powered by the same 6. Top features include a backup camera, Nappa vented and heated leather seats with suede inserts, Brembo brakes, push button start, 8. CarQuestion YouTube channel English: Car Question English https: It cannot be mixed with other types of coolant including Chrysler's existing HOAT coolant and only should only be mixed with approved OAT coolant of the same color. But the biggest highlight of this tuned Cherokee SRT8 is the full black-out treatment. If that's what you're looking for, this Jeep is a strong value compared to its rivals. Author — please review the Jeep Grand Cherokee trailhawk 5. We can help you: Author — betocarranza I'm rather sad they took it everywhere a Chevy Spark would make it with no problem. Come check out this lovely vehicle before someone else drives it away!

2013 grand cherokee gas mileage

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