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A man respects a woman

If a woman, and specifically a wife, wants her beloved and dear husband to see and feel to herself her respect, she needs to know some significant things. Disrespect is often a sign of a lack of love. Alexei Ivanovich is a military officer, four times wounded during the Great Patriotic War, built a nuclear test site, created a nuclear shield of our country… Happy families live simply, in good families between husband and wife, there is love and respect. Such clever men require women to remove unnecessary feelings, unnecessary long forewords and speak clearly and in the matter: But if suddenly he says: I respect any woman's right to her individuality. As Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky wrote, "Men usually love those women who are respected, women respect men they love. And her husband brought her wages and flowers, and embraced her mother, and confessed to her for the second time how he needed him, how he appreciated her, how wonderful and sweet she was.

A man respects a woman

For a woman it is important when in a man there is always protection and support. If a man here is lazy and "draining", it is, as you know, not quite a man, and if you repeatedly sabotage the sports initiatives of the husband, he does not understand that you are tired, but perceive it as a disrespect to him. On a common territory the spouses decide the issues together, but if it is difficult to agree, the decision is made by the head of the family - the husband. There are people atheists, there are believers, and among believers there are many different denominations. Women have a more relaxed attitude to agreements: She has to respect. Women need to understand that a real man is an active being, and everything his wife tells him, he meets with an internal question: For example, a woman in such a family will feel loved, and her husband feel the main member of the family. Respect in a European family In a modern European family, the respect is that the spouses recognize: If he was wrong, let it be a discussion later and in a format not of criticism, but a desire to understand it. Respect is manifested in the willingness and ability to observe the boundaries of the territories between two people. Respect "cold" and respect "warm" True respect is not a neutral position. Until a man asks, do not teach him how best to clean his shoes or, even more so, how his car should stand in the parking lot: To admire a man is to look at him with delight, joyful surprise, approval and pleasure. Respect in family relationships Respect in the Eastern Family In the Eastern family, girls are taught from an early age to treat the man with unconditional respect only on the grounds that he is a man. Mother for the child is the source of life, father is the law, and the father in the family, as the source of law and order, is necessary in the family. In India, washing the feet of a loved one is a sign of a higher respect for her husband. Therefore, if the issue is not fundamental or, even more so, it is already discussed, then let it be: Respect is the warm acceptance of another person and the realization of his value and importance. His habits are he. Such a woman he could respect. However, in couples where people really love each other, there is not only diplomacy, but also honesty, and if the spouses have agreed on something, now both of them observe this order. I hope I am a gentleman and that I will always treat any woman with respect. Love without respect becomes an uncontrollable feeling that deprives one of freedom, and at times can be dangerous, because there are no boundaries at all. Respect for strength and status. Understand, this is your natural phrase "I am now!

A man respects a woman

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  1. That is, they obey. When the husband began to speak, his wise wife listens to him and does not interrupt.

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