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Are nev and max from catfish dating

Courtney was probably her Dad which faked his suicide. It's just really uncomfortable to watch. Author — vicky I don't like to make assumptions about people but "the medium" definitely gives off an uncomfortable vibe. This is how demons attract their victims, they try to tempt them with something impossible that seems too good to be true, and it gives it to them in order to take over them and their lives I felt bad for Courtney To each their own. Just research the truth online.

Are nev and max from catfish dating

The hosts should have bared that in mind. If your talking to or hearing from a dead person, your talking or hearing from a demon. Author — Roberts Coner This episode made me lose all respect for the show. As for motive being on TV and fooling max and Nev brings her a lot of business. I felt bad for Courtney I saw my dad's ghost for a split second 2 months after he died AND my newly past friend Brittani came into my dream 4 nights ago and we got intimate with each other. The women talked to him at the end and the women knew secrets that people shouldn't know that Frankie told her. I felt the cold sensation, the hair on the back of my neck stood up To each their own. Her ability to talk to the spirit is inherently evil but the woman herself is not evil. Has no one seen the Long Island Medium? It's like she's about to explode into a maniacal laugh and start pulling her hair out at any moment. Author — Candy Mann That woman Courtney used to be a man. It makes Them crazy. But if this was a stunt by the show, then shame on them. She was asked general question which she gave very details answer to. But I've heard so many negative things about the show Author — ObservetteMARCH I'm really angry, to me she wasn't convincing at all and either really believed her own lies or is a sociopath or psychopath trying to taunt a vulnerable girl. This woman was so obviously fake. It's just really uncomfortable to watch. Stop hating or saying something when you can't prove it. I really hope and pray that anyone who sees this does not make the same mistake I thought she could be legit. Author — Joseph Corona Guys you guys think it's fake, I saw the episode on tv and it's true. I am sure they went behind the scenes and asked all of the questions that people are bringing up. Author — I think that Kayla and Courtney look alike

Are nev and max from catfish dating

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