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Avengers x reader speed dating

Not even five minutes later there was a knock on her door. One of his hands traced back down her arm, gently scratching along her side until he had a firm hold on her upper thigh. Pietro grinned and kissed her cheek before leaning back and getting comfortable, his knee bouncing as it always did. She took the thumb tack she'd brought with her and stuck the dream catcher in the ceiling over where his head would be. His lips reached her hardened nipple and he kissed it before taking it into his mouth, swirling his tongue as he sucked. Her child name is Nidhyana was born on

Avengers x reader speed dating

Natasha smirked and she and Clint silently and subtly shared a hidden high-five. Steve's lips slowly made their way to meet his finger that slowly slid up before tracing above the elastic of her panties. Wanda rolled her eyes as she shook her head with a smile. He met her eyes before looking down at their hands. She let her finger burn up the wax that remained on her finger before she blew it out. Her grip on his hair tightened as he went back to sucking on her clit with long, slow, hard sucks. He grunted and let out a loud, long groan as he felt her warmth coating him before he spilled into her. Before she could respond he pushed in, filling her up completely. Everyone turned to see Steve run into the room with a small bag in his hand. She blinked in surprise as Pietro stopped a few feet away from her and licked his lips. He took his time, enjoying the way her body held onto him tightly. Everyone started clapping and a few cheered. He lifted her skirt off his head and grin up at her as he wiped his mouth. He groaned as his hands moved down to grip her hips, his finger slipping under the sides of her panties. Steve sent him a quick look before turning back to the game. She whimpered as he continued to roll his hips before he finally spilled into her. She glanced down the hall so see if anyone else had heard the noises but no one else came out of their room. I just find that talking helps me, but if you'd rather not-" "It's the same nightmare I've had since I woke up. Bucky met her eyes and swallowed before he nodded. Wanda came back over with a glass of water and stood in front of the two. She was smiling at him. He looked up at her and looked to be thinking it over. He swirled his tongue painfully slow. I'm one of those people who can't fall asleep that well unless they're holding something. He wrapped his arms around her and moved them so they were lying down, his body curved against hers and his arms securely around her waist.

Avengers x reader speed dating

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