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Batman arkham asylum wiki

Batman , August Director Robert Huntoon was the last known administrative head prior to Jeremiah Arkham ; during his tenure Arkham was rocked by ruinous scandals, including one daring escape by the Joker during the events of Batman: Although not the first game to implement such countermeasures, Arkham Asylum received media coverage, as this was seen as a novel method of copy protection. An explosion kills Young and the Joker obtains the completed batches of Titan. Huntoon made a number of changes to his security policies, including the installation of an anti-riot system that flooded the cell block corridors with gas in the event of a mass disturbance, and permitting guards to carry handguns, to little avail. All of the cutscenes were storyboarded by Rocksteady artists, being visualized in the game engine before the character performances were motion-captured. After the death of Elizabeth Arkham's unnamed husband, she was cared for by their son, Amadeus.

Batman arkham asylum wiki

This is likely because of some of the facility's high-tech features that make it more efficient to hold a villain such as Clayface there than in a prison. Not one dime in Gotham gets exchanged without him involved somehow. Kevin Conroy voices Batman—a superhero trained to the peak of human physical perfection and an expert in martial arts, [22] [23] [24] Mark Hamill voices Batman's psychopathic nemesis the Joker, [22] and the Joker's sidekick Harley Quinn is voiced by Arleen Sorkin. He later met with the Rocksteady team, where it was decided that Dini's ideas were in line with what Rocksteady wanted to achieve. Jeremiah also introduced a new fixture in the form of glass observation walls for the cells, which robbed the patients of some former privacy but allowed convenient round the clock observation. Arkham has also been featured in varying capacities in a number of high profile DC miniseries events, such as Identity Crisis , Day of Vengeance , Countdown , and Crisis on Infinite Earths among others. After the container arrived, Batman cured himself, easily defeated Copperhead, and locked her in one of the shipping crates. Vale noted the prevalence of outdated techniques such as prolonged confinement to straitjackets and confirmed Destiny was not an isolated case; she accused Arkham of intentionally leaving its inmates unclothed, switching off the heating to their wards, and housing them in decrepit, waterlogged cells. In Batman of Arkham, an Elseworlds storyline by Alan Grant, Bruce Wayne is re-imagined as a prominent Gotham psychiatrist who assumes ownership of Arkham Asylum in the early twentieth century and sets out to improve its dismal reputation. Detective Comics , April Shortly before the aforementioned affair with Abattoir came to light, Roger Huntoon confirmed his retirement and named a member of the Arkham family as his likely successor. As they returned to the medical bay, a call came in over the police band: From the gargoyles, Batman can glide down to attack enemies or hang upside down from the gargoyles to grapple a nearby enemy and leave him tethered there. Rocksteady developed ideas for the sequel's story and setting so the games' narratives could be effectively connected. Freeze , Two-Face , Catwoman , and the asylum's founder Amadeus Arkham —are referenced in the game, but do not appear in it. An unknown intruder had attacked the real murderer, and that murderer may have been a new criminal known as " The Joker ". The other staff members are also inexplicably missing, having been succeeded by parademons. Less than a year later, Arkham Asylum was severely damaged as part of a supervillain assault on Batman, and collapsed after a giant fissure split the earth open beneath its foundations. It was released digitally in February , with the first print release featuring a collection of the digital issues in March Lower risk patients such as the Mad Hatter wander the corridors freely; it is Hatter who finally guides a disoriented Orchid to Ivy's cell. In a post-credits scene , a crate of Titan formula is shown floating in the ocean near the asylum when a hand surfaces and grabs it. Meanwhile, Bane broke into the Batcave and beat Alfred nearly to death; Batman was contacted by Bane, who told him that Alfred could say a few last words if the Dark Knight hurried. He unmasked Anarky, and to his shock, learned that the radical was actually a teenager named Lonnie Machin. Batman refuses to transform, uses the antidote on himself, and defeats the Titan-affected Joker and his henchmen, knocking his nemesis unconscious with an explosive gel-enhanced punch. The grounds were owned by an occult expert named Jason Blood , who carried out exorcisms on the mentally ill. Batman recovers the necessary spores and subdues Croc before returning to the Batcave, but can only synthesize one dose of the antidote before Ivy's plants breach the cave and destroy his equipment. Although the asylum is rebuilt in larger and larger iterations, an inevitable trend towards overcrowding has led to a breakdown in patient segregation—for instance, housing nonviolent and relatively harmless offenders on the same block or even in the same cell with serial killers, as in Arkham Asylum:

Batman arkham asylum wiki

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  1. En route to Croc, Batman is again attacked by Scarecrow and overcomes several doses of fear toxin.

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