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Body language hand in pocket

We don't share emails with anyone Written by: Scenery A rich person who gives a lot of money to help poor people. Consulate The official building in which a consul lives and works. Sea cabbage A long journey in a ship. Warehouse The things that a company owns, that can be sold.

Body language hand in pocket

What does it say about your attitude toward your audience and your message? While many amateur presenters may cringe of the thought of seeing themselves on video, this is the only way to identify the movements we unconsciously make in front of an audience. It indicates powerlessness and shyness. Voyage Laminaria, seaweed in the Far East. Eye contact Maintain good eye contact with different people in the audience. Assets A large building for storing large quantities of goods. On the other hand, avoiding eye contact communicates a lack of confidence, openness and trust. Gesturing wildly, meekly or using your hands above the height of your shoulders will make you look out of control or not credible. Welcome to Vladivostok III. This communicates a lack of professionalism and suggests nervousness. Both hands are clasped in front of the body, forming the shape of a fig leaf covering the groin area. Facial expression Use facial expressions e. Shifting your weight from foot to foot or standing with your feet too close together, however, communicates uncertainty and nervousness. Even if you consciously think about them before your presentation, use them in a controlled and smooth manner so that they appear natural and not forced. This not only sends a message of defensiveness and unapproachability, it also betrays nervousness and a lack of confidence. Taking up a large amount of desktop territory. Some of these names have remained nowadays. Moving around during appropriate moments in your presentation will not only make your audience more attentive, it will also keep your mind more alert and help you channel any nervous energy. This means that most of us are missing a big piece of the communication puzzle. Most presenters, however, use the same gesture over and over again, without any clear communicative purpose. Just make sure to avoid wearing stilettos or any other shoes that might increase your chances of tripping and falling. It means The Bay of Trepans. Welcome to Vladivostok IV. Compare your ideas with the following: This way, you ensure that your body movements will reveal genuine passion, enthusiasm, warmth and credibility.

Body language hand in pocket

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