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Boyfriend has bad breath

Even by the time 10 hours had gone by it still smelled, so I am not the only one who noticed it. This method is great if you are not close to the person or if they are just suffering from temporary halitosis. If you feel as though you are close enough to that person, then you could possibly be the one to break the bad breath news. A friend of mine told me that I have corpse breath - who knew?! Here are some example notes you can use: Be careful that you put it in a place where others will not stumble upon it, as that can make a private matter public.

Boyfriend has bad breath

Here are some different ways to drop a hint that they have bad breath: Strategies for letting them know they have bad breath There are several different ways of letting someone know they have bad breath. Am I in the wrong? Another huge thing is having him brush his tongue. A complete example could be something like this: Here are some example notes you can use: By being direct, it avoids any confusion that dropping hints may cause and it is the most effective way of helping them. If you like a particular method or have a good one you tell people then please tell us by commenting below. If the person who has bad breath is a co-worker: It's best to get to the root of the problem and resolve it that way. Leave an anonymous note When you shouldn't tell someone their breath smells Before we go into strategies on letting someone know they have bad breath, it is important to know when to not tell them their breath smells. Recruit a child - Receiving bad news from an adorable child is not as painful as receiving the news from a peer. It's a win for you, and a win for the kid, and it might be easier for the person receiving the news. After you eat a meal with them, once you get to their or your place, pull out some floss and say something like: Many girls I have done this with think it is cute that we floss and brush our teeth together and that she has her own toothbrush at my place. He has said several times that I am not interested in him, that I find him unnatractive and that0s why there is no intimacy. I am worried for his health. He has seen a dentist and had several cavities, he got a few fixed but got lazy and didn't do the rest. Offer them a mint, gum, floss, or to brush their teeth. If it is a co-worker, don't tell them at the beginning of the day; wait to tell them when they're nearly ready to leave for the day. The following is an example of this: I have been living with my boyfriend for 6 years now, but the past 3 years or so his breath got quite bad. Let them know that everyone has this problem at one time or another and then offer some solid remedies that have worked for you in the past. If he doesn't get his teeth cleaned every 6 months, he could just need a good cleaning. Since you're obviously not the one with bad breath, the other person will wonder why you're talking about your own breath, and will then start thinking about their own breath. Anyway, these things are amazing.

Boyfriend has bad breath

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  1. Some people have chronic post-nasal drip, and there's not much you can do about that. Doing this helps them because they won't have to feel self-conscious the whole time they are with you.

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