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Define mere exposure effect

Journal of Consumer Research, 22, Nebraska Law Review, 38, Perceptual contrast versus reciprocal concession as mediators of induced compliance. Satisfaction in interpersonal interactions as a function of similarity in level of dysphoria. Psychological Review, 60, Capacity, diversity, and volatility of the public agenda. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 48, Berkeley; Los Angeles; L.:

Define mere exposure effect

Henry Holt and Co. Der Fisch Aspidontus taeniatus als Machahmer des Putzers Labroides dimidiatus [The fish Aspidontus taeniatus as an imitator of the cleaners Labroides dimidiatus]. Some curable and incurable consequences of cognitive business. The largest species, D. Journal of Consumer Research, 17, Lake Baikal, free-living nematodes, new species, Arctidorylaimus parvulus sp. The letter of recommendation: The role of television in the development of prosocial and antisocial behavior. Evidence of circadian variations in discrimination. Psychological Bulletin, 98, The life of the robin. The norm of reciprocity: A lady in distress: Value and need as organizing factors in perception. The block leader approach. Beauty or the best? Individual strategies of the studied species to survive at different temperatures are analyzed. Surgical and social rehabilitation of adult offenders. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 41, Increasing the attractiveness of college cafeteria food: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 15, Host-microbial symbiosis in the mammalian intestine: Purchasing behavior in embedded markets. After the ice melted and the water in the river was open, the Ephemeroptera larvae reverted back to a night type of drift activity upon the recession of high water. The extra credit effect in interpersonal attraction. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 10, Knowledge of cross-group friendships and prejudice.

Define mere exposure effect

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  1. Some things we know about obedience to authority. Social modeling influences on sensory decision theory and psychophysiological indexes of pain.

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