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Falling in love too easily

We've dug so deep into people online profiles and histories there's nothing left for them to reveal. I fall in love too easily. The thought of spending the rest of our life with one person never crosses our minds. We confuse attraction with love and bail on the relationship at the slightest provocation. Nationalism can all too easily fill a void. And when relationships no longer give us the excitement and adventure we crave, it's on to the next one. We dare to be different and create our own new social norms. It doesn't require any loyalty.

Falling in love too easily

We 'hook up' then break up. You see, Davina, Josh and Aiden are in love, which means they both have something to lose, thus making them all too easily manipulated should the need arise. We're nonconformists who have no interest in relationships. We are not looking for someone who understands our wants and needs or a life partner with whom we can making lasting memories. And when relationships no longer give us the excitement and adventure we crave, it's on to the next one. We are not like previous generations. It's like getting drunk. At the first sign of problems, either or both parties involved seem all too willing to end the relationship. We don't have the space, time or patience to develop loving, lasting relationships. One night stands, friends with benefits, and open relationships are the new normal. Veronica told me she loves you, and she does not love easily. Share on Facebook Modern relationships aren't like those from a generation or two ago. But it doesn't have any meaning. We have sex because it's easy, feels good, and fulfills our needs. I thought they let us out too easily. In most countries of the subregion, pharmaceutical products containing psychotropic substances can be obtained too easily. We want non-stop fun. So we spend a little time with a lot of people we meet rather than lots of time getting to know one person. We think settling down means to be tied down and that frightens us. We don't want someone that makes the boring, mundane, predictable times seem beautiful. We don't need physical closeness. We are eternal wanderers that are afraid of commitment and can't stay anywhere for too long. We have dreams to chase. Our instant messaging generation wants lucrative careers, great wealth, and loving relationships right away or we're on our way to find it somewhere else. We want it all.

Falling in love too easily

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