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Friendship dating and romance photo personals instant messages

I would be as good to you as you would be to me!!! Life sucks for me now. I wanted to join your site because I am a hermaphrodite and I am turned on by other hermaphrodites,,,, I was excited when i came across your site because it is the first one i have seen,,,,with the exception of those transsexual sites which are not the real deal Sun, 24 Feb I was born with both male and female genitals. I would like to hear from someone who has suffered from this physical defect as I have and if they ever over came the fear of being found out.

Friendship dating and romance photo personals instant messages

I am tired of hauling this alone. I'm totally gonna give up on this relationship thing. Mon, 1 Jul The doctors out here purposely falsify my medical records so they do not have to deal with me. I live in the greater puget sound area of washington state in a one-bedroom apartment. Just love to meet, from Pittsburgh. That is all I want. Sat, 28 Jul I'm working in China but will be going back to Hong Kong soon. Intersexed Lady in Fort Lauderdale To: Please kindly reply me back. I am a hermaphrodite Date: You might be just what I need. Fri, 5 Sep Sun, 22 Jun Most men do freak seeing I've also got a penis, but others do accept me. If you can assist me in this, I would be appreciative. I would like to come into contact with people of my kind. Hit the sign up button now to get started! Sat, 27 Sep I consider myself to be very sexual, and have had a few interesting sexual experiences from time to time. I'm a true hermaphrodite. I'm in Wisconsin, and I travel alot so don't let location hender you. E-mail me to get it all started. Are any of them members too? I have a penis and a vagina.

Friendship dating and romance photo personals instant messages

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