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Geoff stults dating 2012

I thought she really shined in this movie. It was also a huge--and humbling--learning experience, she says. Ritter was originally to have played the role of Deena, Kim's sexually aggressive, entrepreneurial housemate. That's something that I held on to through all the notes and all the criticism and all the incarnations of the script. Where do I sign? But when Coiro became the first among their circle of friends to have a baby, the demands of motherhood initially put a strain on the women's friendship--which served as the inspiration for the central dramatic tension between single-mom Kim and driven career-woman Deena in the film.

Geoff stults dating 2012

Meanwhile, there are these beautiful, hilly, residential neighborhoods that have nothing to do with the industry, that are rarely captured. Goodson says it's almost like a "girl bromance"--something not often seen in films. She was fun to play. It's not all about the actors--they're one more piece of the puzzle. For all the pressure to change this aspect of the script, Coiro stood firm on the issue. Kate Bosworth and Justin Kirk in L! That's something that I held on to through all the notes and all the criticism and all the incarnations of the script. It's not the only strange role reversal in the film. In fact, her husband, actor Rhys Coiro Straw Dogs, "Entourage" , plays the role of the baby's absentee father in the film. I thought she really shined in this movie. For example, Coiro was never a single mom. Where do I sign? Coiro says people responded well to the script and eventually there was a snowball effect with more and more actors joining the project. It was just instant chemistry with everyone. It definitely came down to people reading the material and responding to it. She called him to pitch the project, and he unhesitatingly agreed to take on the role. But when Bosworth came aboard, it was clear to Ritter that the Superman Returns star was a better fit for that part. Every Hollywood cliche you can imagine, we went through it times I took away a valuable lesson in how things work, and what a team effort it all is. I'm unconventional and an acquired taste, whereas with Kate it's just not debatable that she's beautiful--she's like a freak from another planet. And it wouldn't be bad if it gets a couple laughs. That theme was really important. The script went through several incarnations with nibbles from a number of different producers along the way. We would just laugh to ourselves: The filmmakers tapped newcomer Fallon Goodson to play Jayde, the party girl who becomes Deena's new partner in crime after Kim has her baby. In focusing on the challenges of young and single motherhood, the film taps into a major demographic shift in the United States.

Geoff stults dating 2012

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