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Google not updating cache

The storage media may include different forms of memory including semiconductor memory devices such as dynamic or static random access memories DRAMs or SRAMs , erasable and programmable read-only memories EPROMs , electrically erasable and programmable read-only memories EEPROMs and flash memories; magnetic disks such as fixed, floppy, removable disks; other magnetic media including tape; and optical media such as compact disks CDs or digital video disks DVDs. The identifier field , in the illustrated embodiment, is a single bit field , which, if equal to bit 1, indicates that the stored cache line is shared by one or more of the processors of the system board sets 29 1-n in the system Once the threshold for the defined period of time is reached, server A may remove the invalidated cache entry from the cache. A cache entry may be invalidated to force a cache miss. The method may include the operation of identifying cache update information at an information source server, the cache update information identifying an invalid cache entry, as in block For example, a module may be implemented as a hardware circuit comprising custom VLSI circuits or gate arrays, off-the-shelf semiconductors such as logic chips, transistors, or other discrete components. If it is determined at [] that the memory access transaction is not at least one of an RTO, WriteStream, and WriteBack transaction, then the coherency module , in one embodiment, stores at the entry in the directory cache For example, a web application may check its cache to determine whether the cache includes data requested by a web application user.

Google not updating cache

In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, two different types of entries, a shared entry [] and an owned entry , may be stored in the entry fields of the DC , as shown in FIGS. If it is determined at [] that a previous corresponding entry exists, then, in one embodiment, the coherency module determines at if the previously stored entry was shared or owned by a board other than the home board For example, server A may use the gossip protocol to identify the available cache servers of the same cache class e. For example, out of a set of , permissions, permissions i. By allowing the caches to exchange cache update information, the gossip protocol may allow cache update information to propagate to a plurality of caches in a network during a short period of time. Therefore, server may receive instructions to invalidate permission X in its cache. The network may include the Internet, intranets, extranets, wide area networks WANs , local area networks LANs , wired networks, wireless networks, or other suitable networks, etc. For example, a program in a higher level language may be compiled into machine code in a format that may be loaded into a random access portion of the memory device and executed by the processor , or source code may be loaded by another executable program and interpreted to generate instructions in a random access portion of the memory to be executed by a processor. The devices described herein may also contain communication connections or networking apparatus and networking connections that allow the devices to communicate with other devices. Each control unit may include a microprocessor, a microcontroller, a digital signal processor, a processor card including one or more microprocessors or controllers , or other control or computing devices. The computing devices A and B may be a plurality of servers, with each server having a cache store A. Furthermore, in alternative embodiments, the priority given to selected memory access transactions may also vary from the described embodiment. The receiving server may be selected within a predefined time period based on the gossip protocol, and the receiving server may be selected at random based on a gossip protocol. The first version number of the first cache entry may be compared with the second version number of the second cache entry on the receiving server. One skilled in the relevant art will recognize, however, that the technology can be practiced without one or more of the specific details, or with other methods, components, devices, etc. In the description below, reference to one or more of the FIGS. The coherency module [] , in one embodiment, determines at whether any of the stored entries in the directory cache have a shared status i. In addition to building a topographical map, the map may be adjusted when certain services e. Thus, the previous invalidated cache entries may be stored in a separate storage location for invalid entries. After receiving the gossiped data, a cache may act accordingly e. In response to receiving a request for data stored in the cache, the cache may be read to access the requested data. For example, the second cache may be populated by adding the trending cache entry into the second cache. Subsequently, the server may exchange cache update information with the server based on the gossip protocol. For example, the tag field may be comprised of the upper order bits of the address. The computing device may learn that the requested information is five minutes stale, and that time is within the service level agreement SLA of permission staleness. The authorization server may desire authorization information from the computing device to verify an individual's e. Certain processing modules may be discussed in connection with this technology and FIG.

Google not updating cache

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  1. The networked environment may include one or more computing devices A-B in data communication with a plurality of application servers by way of a network

  2. In addition to building a topographical map, the map may be adjusted when certain services e.

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