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How to wire a fan

Connect the black wire from the fan to the other battery terminal. Let's keep in mind that my site is about the wiring aspect only. It is a stand-alone unit that is not effected by the computer or anything else. Most common fans either come with a light or without a light. Before the inline fuse is attached to the relay side of the gauge wire, insert a gauge wire that will be long enough to go to the switch side of the relay. Step Rotate the pot control clockwise. Your existing light fixture was controlled by a switch and only one switch.

How to wire a fan

Operating voltage to 14 volts Current draw Attach the bare copper wire from your electrical box to the short green wire by twisting and orange wire connector to the two wires. Make sure the wire is long enough to route it out of sight and away from any moving parts. Do not solder the connection yet. The fan will turn in either direction depending on which of the two wires the power is supplied to. The speed of DC fans is a function of the DC voltage level being applied. Of course this is all based on not replacing the existing wiring that you currently have. The potentiometer will have three terminals; the center one is known as the slider. Connect the black wire from the fan to the other battery terminal. This is assuming that you are installing a ceiling fan in a location that had no fixture there before. Attach the wire to the relay terminal opposite the battery terminal. Your existing light fixture was controlled by a switch and only one switch. The fan is still operated from one location. Test the fan to ensure all three speeds work correctly. Then this should look like your connections. Connect the Switch to the Motor Using the manufacturer's wiring diagram, locate the low-speed wire from the fan motor and the low-speed wire from the switch. Identify All Fan Wires Make sure the fan isn't plugged into a power supply. One of the wires in the wall plug cord is a neutral wire, which will connect to the neutral wire from the motor. Step Switch the red wire to the other end of the pot if you want to change which direction you rotate the pot to make the fan slow down. The larger the resistive value of the potentiometer, the slower you will be able to get the fan to run. Remove the negative terminal of the battery first so that there is no chance of sparks. There are two methods to wire the relay, one with manual control and one with automated control. If you only have a green ground screw, wrap the bare copper wire around this screw and tighten the screw against the bracket to secure the wire. Knowing which wires to connect together eliminates the confusion when you complete the installation. Notice this circuit has a 3-wire cable "power source" coming into the double switch box. If so then a new wire must be ran to control the light as well. The white wire is neutral and completes the fan circuit.

How to wire a fan

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