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Innocence test 100 questions

Many stores use computers to keep track of sales and orders. Coffee grounds then process in a variety of different ways. Make up your sentences using the following words and word combinations on the topic Outstanding People of Belarus. Why are you painting the walls green? The missing jewels find by the police already. When Simon arrive at the cinema, dozens of people queue outside. It is said if you wait long enough at a, the, - Piccadilly Circus, you meet everyone you ever know.

Innocence test 100 questions

His innocence prove in a, the, - court and he set free. Let's have lunch in half an hour, Sam would like to marry a girl younger than his, him, himself. It was in England that the first computers began to be used. One should do one, one's best at all times. Computers are also used when one reserves space on an airplane. The boys went deep, deeply into the forest and lose their way. They help people make long distance and local telephone calls. She has arrived late, lately for the meeting. Sometimes they filter and sometimes they soak in water to make, do the drink which is popular by, with, within so many people. May, shall, will you give me a lift to work tomorrow? A, the, - Sheftesbury Avenue be the heart of London's theatre land, and there be endless clubs, pubs and cafes If you paint them white, the room be much brighter. What can computers do in banks? They could, might, should have forgotten about the meeting, that's why they not, come. Computers linked to TV, telephone and satellite networks spread information throughout the world. It is the first time that she drive a car. Nevertheless, many people use computers in their daily lives. Grey was —, a, the last person to arrive at, to, for the party. He is in a, the, - hospital now. They be married for ten years already. If electric cars drive instead of the cars we use today a, the, - air we breath would be cleaner, as they not, pump exhaust fumes into a, the, - atmosphere. When did the first computers appear? He wait for a taxi for an hour. It is hardly possible for people to use computers in thei' everyday life. Also, many stores use optical scanners to record purchases and total prices. Could I borrow your dictionary?

Innocence test 100 questions

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  1. Coffee be available as grounds or as instant coffee powder and drink by, with, of one third of the world's ' population. His innocence prove in a, the, - court and he set free.

  2. I was allowed to, could, must go to John's party last They be married for ten years already.

  3. Unless you be more careful, you have accidents. One should do one, one's best at all times.

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