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Panera bread zanesville ohio

As a result, we have gone from eating there twice a week to only once every blue moon, and that is only when there are few other options. I get my meal for under ten dollars so I'm always happy walking out the door. We bought a dozen and a half bagels with cream cheese to go and had them sliced to be served at a large family gathering. We are avid Panera goers. Very tempting when you're trying to control your weight, but really good quality salads and soups! This is a very overrated, eat at home place you get buzzed to go get your food, have to get your own coffee.

Panera bread zanesville ohio

On all of our visits we have entered to a back up at the register with only one cashier and several customers in line. With that said, the food is delicious. Nothing at all like the one in Lake City, FL. Everyone the doesn't take a minute to actually think of the customer that always comes in. Friendly staff, and the woman at the front desk made us fresh coffee and had a great smile. Dining room was a mess. Either way should identify the source and fix it! Tonight it took more than 15 minutes for a salad and flat bread. I have inquired but not gotten any answers as to why. It's honestly the best vegetarian sandwich I've ever gotten at a chain establishment. Such laziness and neglect is inexcusable. Now this is right at dinner time so really more resources should be allocated in order for me to feel that good service is being provided. So thanks to their staff if I ever come back thru I sure will visit again. Disabled people hate these type of restaurants. When I visited PB in Zanesville, it was no exception. This is a very overrated, eat at home place you get buzzed to go get your food, have to get your own coffee. Panera Bread This business is eligible to be claimed by a local representative in addition to corporate. The customer service was very good. Food was great and just their whole way of taking care of the customers was amazingly 10 stars. I usually get the pick two and I always get the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. They start this sandwich on tomato basil bread and add peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, red onions, a delicious cilantro-jalapeno hummus. Not bad for a every now and again meal. I won't likely return to this location. Unfortunately, we didn't realize until we got home that most were ruined because the slicer had barely shaved off the top of each bagel rendering them nearly useless. I've eaten at tons of Panera Bread establishment over the years, some in Phoenix, some in Chicago, others here in Ohio, and the experience I had here was very similar to the norm. Wife likes this place!

Panera bread zanesville ohio

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