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Qualities in a man

Author — Andres Patino I have all of those qualities, was married 30 years then she left. If you look for partner to make you happy then you wil not be happy for a long time Author — Mimi Lalla Honestly, this goes both ways. But, life goes on. I just found out I'm the perfect man from this video. We do not want to discourage you but chances are you're making a big mistake and everyone knows it except you, but it is solvable. If you are a man with a reputation of a liar, you may have much less possibility because this is an essential attribute, every girl likes to feel safe and being able to trust her partner without problems.

Qualities in a man

But, life goes on. Also when a man agrees with her to lose arguments, the woman loses her respect for him. BOTH parties should take accountability for themselves and work to be the best version of themselves. Not just girls, everyone generally looks for someone sincere, as sincere people like to talk directly and above all things, they hate lying. Author — Why do people use this voice in their videos. Woman do not want to be with such a guy with these qualities! And Godbless to everybody always and ever. Good for me bad for that person who I left. Thanks be to God. Then 3 years later she called, She calls every week now, we talk. If you're little empathetic, you should change. Yeah he doesn't have those abs that every gym guy has but I love him enough to accept those belly fats he have. It takes two to tangle therefore there must be a give and take relationship and both paries should look after each other bad or good times most especially when emergency comes up and willing to give a hand to each other. It will most likely happen to those who find love early in life; those who are committed and understand the sacrament of love. Lets stop playing the winner and start saluting the dum filthy tramps who win woman all the time! Author — I have all these Author — Colette Roy Wow! The woman loses interest. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions: My wife is never wrong, becouse she asks me for the answer. I'm searching for the right one. Most of all you must recognize it and know the value of having a man like this. Women like men who make them laugh because they feel safe and calm. Author — Jeff Fortunately I do have all the qualities this video is all about but unfortunately someone I cared didn't understand me, so I had to leave. Remember to divorce him and take the kids, house, and money because empowered.

Qualities in a man

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