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Sex with odia girl

I was going to come again. I left around the same time as before and walked to my house that was a 15 teen minute walk. A couple of minutes later she knocked on the door. Housework at its glory and then I took my noon nap. I could feel her getting closer to the bed and as I was on the side she could reach without getting on the bed. If she was faking I was going to go along with it. I could feel she was going to climax.

Sex with odia girl

I lost track of time and closed my eyes and enjoyed the best blowjob of my life. She was coming so intensively that she was trembling. I had my eyes almost opened while she was enjoying my cock. And that is natural especially if he works many hours. I was going to risk my next move on the following Tuesday. She moved her tongue and lips on my throbbing cock. I looked up at her big breasts and wanted to taste them to. I had full view of her hairy pussy. My cock was a 6 to 7 inch. She stayed in the room for a long time being as quiet as possible trying not to wake me up. I took a few shots and plenty close-ups. Housework at its glory and then I took my noon nap. But I was so horny that my cock was hard even after my orgasm. I walked in her room and she was standing in front of the mirror naked. It was well trimmed though because I could see the triangle very clear. Just looking at her was not enough anymore. I was very surprised to what I saw. I was going to give her back what she gave me last Saturday morning. I walked silently back to her room and she was lying on her bed naked sleeping. She was lying on her back with my underwear in her hand with her legs spread. Then she turned completely towards me walking to the tub. I had a firm athletic body but not anything big. I was beginning to doubt if she was asleep. She bended down again and this time licked the tip of my cock and cleaned it from the rest of my come. Her breasts were big and beautiful with her nipples pointing out. When I reached her clit she moaned and shifted her hips naturally upwards pressing on my tongue. I was fucking my mom.

Sex with odia girl

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