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Texts from last night picture

You may — at any time after 6, we are always at home evenings. Its territory is 22, We can go for a long country walk today. What are the highest mountain peaks in the Caucasus? He says the—is interesting enough. It's time to leave. Ex 9 Compare the meanings of the words in bold type.

Texts from last night picture

Why have you been listening to this song since yesterday? What are the new residential districts like? What seas and oceans wash its shores in the North? They have been already travelling for two weeks and have already phoned two times. The story of the capital of one of the Union Republics. This is a national newspaper. He came home later than usual. Englishmen are fond of good plain food, and they usually want to know what they eat. Reading 6 Read the text. The houses have no modern conveniences. What are the biggest mountain chains in our country? Which historical building do you think the most interesting, and why? How long have you known him? What conveniences are there in a modern flat? There are hundreds of holiday-makers there every summer. You have — mistake in the second form of the verb. I have notebooks at home. What is Moscow famous for? Ex 14 Combine the following sentences according to the model. He can read English books in the original. Let us have your views on the website. Work at the factory finishes at seven. The Volga is the longest of the three, and the Don is the shortest. The Hermitage in Leningrad is one of—of the world's art museums fine. What is the full official name of the Soviet Union?

Texts from last night picture

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