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Things to do in madisonville ky

He said, he believes strongly that when people record their interactions with police, it helps reduce confusion if their cases end up in court. With livestreams going and cameras on them at all times. Does this go on ALL the time? You fix it and have the boys help you, so that next time they'll be able to do it without your help Thanks Bill Alloway 1 Marcos Jasso. Now he extorts the public and has proven himself a big fat liar and allegedly a racist And anybody recording the police is instigating and for negative reasons. OK, OK, hands in the air, I could have handled this better.

Things to do in madisonville ky

However, if your live stream or archived live stream is removed for copyright, your access to live streaming will be restricted for 90 days. A false arrest and or stolen property might take an hour or two on the street, but the ongoing battle in court takes years. See the scary cops playlist here https: See you on the street. I got great news for all your fans in western ky. Althought not physical stopped, by standing in front of the camera this police office made it hard for me to shoot. Many of them like the big mouth in this video are to dumb to learn, so instead of catching on, they are ridiculed in my video by viewers and used as an example for others on how not to act.. I am perfectly within my rights to shoot video from a public pavement and I don't need to explain to all and sundry what I am doing and why. Please tell me what you think about the video. From the interior decor to the welcoming atmosphere set by the host. It is only a free country if you are an employee of the government, for the rest of us we are slaves to unjust laws and worse. It was an overall amazing experience! So I will continue to erode their credibility with hard video evidence. William's ex-girlfriend tried to talk him out of helping because she was afraid he would get hurt. Perfect location to get back to nature. Great peaceful weekend or overnight getaway. NEver give them a reason to pull you over. I did not have problems with it but I can see where some taller adults may. The cop asked Williams to hand him his handcuffs, while the suspect called out to Williams, saying that the cop had tried to choke him to death. He handled it pretty well, and definitely better than most cops that have had the unfortunate situation of trying to step on my rights. I shouldn't have to do this. I did edit the video to fix the original shaky camera footage. I don't have to explain what I am doing, who I work for, whether I'm shooting for private or commercial purposes when I'm going about my business in a public area. You fix it and have the boys help you, so that next time they'll be able to do it without your help Thanks Bill Alloway 1 Marcos Jasso. The cop warned that the suspect was trying to reach for his gun. The next day the cops stalked me some more..

Things to do in madisonville ky

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